SLR158 - Self Contained Exit Lights | Emergency Exit Lights


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Hybrid IC Controlled Self-Contained Emergency Exit Light
LED Luminaire (Recess Mounting)

… is designed and specially equipped with a customized proprietary Hybrid IC and a very high-efficiency current feed push-pull sine wave inverter, to fully utilize the battery power and to prevent the frequent blackening of the tube. Compact and lightweight. Easy and fast installation with the thumb-press quick-lock fastening system cuts down installation/ maintenance time drastically.
Suitable for Factories, Schools, Sports Stadiums, Banks, Offices, Public Halls, Hospitals, Apartments, Warehouses, Carparks, etc..


Input Voltage:230Vac 50/60Hz ± 10% A: 0.34 PF: 0.77
Battery:2.4V 2.5Ah/4.5Ah High temp rated Nickel Cadmium cells or others
Lamp Used:1.8W SMT NICHIA White LED or T5 White LED tube > 50,000 hrs
Rated Period:> 2 hrs, 3 hrs or others
Operation Temperature:ta 40 °C
Power Consumption:4.6W
Charge Monitor:Super bright Green LED 5mm 
Recharge Period:16 ~ 24 hrs
Emergency Luminance:> 8 cd/m2
Electromagnetic Field:17m gause @ 0.1m
Charger:Hybrid controlled charger
Protection:Low volt cut-off to prevent battery over discharge. Incoming AC fuse and Battery DC fuse. Tropical climate protection coating on hybrid control circuit
Construction:Electrode galvanised sheet steel with epoxy powder coating. 20mm Ø K/O hole, Fire Retardant Acrylic Opal diffuser
Dimension:475mm(L) x 92mm(W) x 270mm(H)
Weight:2.70kg(Net) / 2.80kg(Gross)
Packing:One unit per carton
Carton/Dimension:Double wall corrugated / 495mm(L) x 105mm(W) x 310mm(H)
Compliance:SS563-1:2010, SS563-2:2010/A1:2013 SSIEC 60598:PART 1: 2016
Warranty:1 Year


Weight                                                                                                          2.702.80 kg

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