EMK 120 / 140

EMK 120 /140

  • $45.00

…is specially designed to be very compact and small in size. With this small size advantage, it can be easily installed into various types of LED luminaries fittings.
It is equipped with a Hi-temperature Nickel Cadmium battery pack and a super bright LED charge indicator. The built-in customized proprietary Hybrid IC circuitry enhances reliability and efficiency in operation.


Input Voltage : 230Vac 50/60Hz ± 10% or 115Vac 50/60Hz ± 10% or others
Battery : 4.8V 2.5Ah/4.5Ah or 6.0V 2.5Ah/4.5Ah High temp rated Nickel Cadmium cells or others
Lamp Used : Flourescent tube 14W-18W, 28W~36W T8 or T5 
Rated Period : > 1 hr, 2 hrs, 3 hrs or others
Mode : Maintained/Non-maintained
Operation Temperature : ta 40 °C
Power Consumption : 3.3W
Charge Monitor : Super bright red LED 5mm Ø
Recharge Period : 16 ~ 24 hrs
Emergency Luminance : Design range from 20~50%
Electromagnetic Field : 16m gause @ 0.1m
Charger : Hybrid controlled charger
Protection : Low volt cut-off to prevent battery over discharge. Incoming AC fuse and Battery DC fuse. Tropical climate protection coating on hybrid control circuit
Construction : Aluminium case 
Packing : One unit per carton
Carton/Dimension : Double wall corrugated / 330mm(L) x 90mm(W) x 50mm(H)
Compliance : IEC61347-2-7:2000
Warranty : 1 Year
Testing Facility : Push Button


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