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Part No : SCLED 118-18DLT8-4FD 
Approximate Light Bulb Length : 4 Ft.
Light Bulb Base Type Connection : Double End 
Power Consumption : 18w
Lumen : 2800lm
Light Efficiency : >160lm/w 
Correlated Color : Daylight
Color Temp. (CCT) : 6500k
Electrical Input Currenty : 0.12A +/- 10%
Power Factor : 0.93 
Application Construction : LED T8 tube with cap-base G13 ( Medium Bi-Pin)
Inner Construction : Aluminium PCB with SMD LED bulb
External Bulb Construction : Glass with coating film.
Dimension : 1212mm(L) x 28mm(W)
Weight : 0.25kg (Net) / 0.28kg(Gross)
Saving Energy Efficiency  : Above 80% compared with 36w Fluorescent T8 Tube 
  • Advance technology design in Singapore
  • Coating film glass tube protect shatter safety reliable

  • Glossy surface improve light up widen angle beam

  • Excellent choice to accompany motion sensor detectors

  • Brighten and heat less compare to fluorescent lamps.

  • Power factor PF=>0.9 ( Utilize the full capacity of your electrical system)



  • LED T8 tube application cap-base G13 ( Medium Bi-Pin)

  • Power Input 220V - 240VAC 50/60hz

  • Aluminium PCB panel with SMD LED expended above 30000hrs Lifetime.

  • Excellent light up wide bean angle achieve 270°

  • Rohs-conformity. 

  • Non-Dimmable, Non-operation with ECG.


LED Daylight Lighting (5000k-6500k)

Daylight lighting should be used carefully as it can appear very harsh and clinical. Recommend daylight lighting only being used in high work areas such as offices or warehouses. The brightness and white appearance of daylight lighting reacts with the human brain to make it more awake and alert. It is the closest simulation of the natural colour of a bright sunny day. Below is a great example showing the bright 6000k daylight colour in an office application.

LEDs have swept the conventional lighting marketplace for a variety of reasons, most notably extended lifespans, reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance requirements. No IR or UV Emissions.

Application: • Home, Office and Shopping mall. • Industrial and warehouses. • Covered car parks area.

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